Truth & Lies by Zinnia Blue

Truth & Lies by Zinnia Blue

Zinnia Blue recently released the first single, ‘Truth & Lies‘, off of their upcoming debut album ‘The Garden‘. The album is set to release in January 2020. This little melancholy ditty has gorgeous two part harmonies which pair beautifully with the instrumentation. I really like how ‘Truth & Lies‘ has a seemingly perfect balance between vocals and instrumentation. As a result, you’re able to appreciate the give and take this balance creates. Here’s a little info about the band from their website. They are:

a vintage folk and country roots duo featuring interweaving guitars and two-part harmonies. The pair create sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads inspired by historical stories. Zinnia Blue have distilled their unique sound and eclectic songs for their debut album The Garden, for release in January 2020.

I have to say that the song and lyrics certainly are beautiful and bittersweet as is. However, I’m now interested in the origin of the song. Likewise, I think their songs being inspired by historical stories is very intriguing. What do you think? You can listen to ‘Truth & Lies‘ down below.  As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Truth & Lies by Zinnia BlueTruth & Lies by Zinnia BlueTruth & Lies by Zinnia BlueTruth & Lies by Zinnia BlueTruth & Lies by Zinnia BlueTruth & Lies by Zinnia Blue





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