Be There by Amy Bristow

Be There by Amy Bristow

Last year Amy Bristow released her debut single called, ‘Be There‘ and it is filled with a lot of passion and soul. ‘Be There‘ is a song that goes through the frustration of having someone who makes promises, someone you believed you could depend on, however, they are never there when you need them. The song starts off with a somber piano intro that carries over into the first verse. This piano intro certainly gives you that sad feeling of being let down and wanting someone to be there for you.

Bristow’s warm and emotive vocals hold a lot of weight and pain throughout this song. As a result you will certainly feel all of that pain and frustration she felt during this relationship. While you feel that frustration and pain throughout ‘Be There‘ during the verse, the chorus is filled with love. Add to that the upbeat mid tempo of the songs overall atmosphere and it’s easy to say that ‘Be There‘ is a song that anyone who’s felt this will relate to. It’s frustrating, there’s pain, anger and still love and it’s all conveyed perfectly in ‘Be There‘.

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Be There by Amy BristowBe There by Amy BristowBe There by Amy BristowBe There by Amy BristowBe There by Amy BristowBe There by Amy Bristow





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