Musicians, Thank You!

To all musicians, ones we’ve discovered, ones who discovered us, and the ones we’ve yet to discover. Thank you. You and your music matter let NO ONE tell you differently. Music helps us through the good, bad times and the fun times. Music is everywhere and in everything. In #movies in #tvshows In #stores while we shop. Music lives in our hearts and in our souls and life would be very bland and far more painful without it.

You do that, you create that, you give us that peace, healing, connectedness, music to celebrate, etc. YOU and you are far more important to our survival than you get credit for and you have chosen one of the most difficult career paths. Let me say that again think you missed it. CAREER PATH. That right, it a Career, not a hobby. Music exists in all aspects of our lives.

People make a living out of this in a variety of different ways, from video games to the stage. Take a moment to fully understand that. This is your calling, your career. Don’t let the naysayers get to you.

You have something important that needs to be shared. Somewhere out there is your fanbase waiting for your music, searching for your music, ready to find your music. They exist and just like us they are searching and trying find music that they connect with. Hang in there. You are important, you are needed, and your fans will shout your praises from the mountaintops and share the heck out of your music. You’ll see your hard work pay off so please hang in there…and thank you…all you lovely, beautiful, creative, important musicians.

We love you! -Ash

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