Room Service by Kadesh Flow

Last on my list for today is Kadesh Flow. ‘Room Service’ his new ep is dropping March 30 and we like what we’re hearing. Here’s an artist that is killing this music and I hope you guys agree and go support Kadesh Flow because you’ll want to hear more of this talented artist just like I do. Check out Kadesh’s YouTube channel because it’s amazing. OK, on to the music his flow is AMAZE and the lyrics are pretty epic.

I’m talking smooth transitions from life struggles, to side hustles, to life in the digital era and pop culture reference. To be able to combine all these topics in 1 song is talent y’all! I find that artists who try often end up lacking. Maybe it’s a little 1 hit blow to another rapper but it ends up being out of place with the rest of the song. Kadesh, on the other hand, does it flawlessly and your girl Jade is impressed. I’m sure you’ll be as well!


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