TMB Weekly Music Wrap

 TMB Weekly Music Wrap  (May 6th – May 12th)

Welcome to TMB Weekly Music Wrap! Here’s where you can catch up on all the music from this week all in one place. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. An now without further ado the music is below!



Castaway EP by Brockley Fores

Castaway EP by Brockley Forest has got that whole retro made modern sound down to perfection. Muted, distorted, retro, yet relevant. This indie rock duo are making waves and if retro indie rock is your wheelhouse then you’ll want to take notes because Brockley Forest have been making their names and honing their craft and it won’t be long before you hear then name Brockley Forest everywhere.  Click image for links to all things Brockley Forest including music.



AniVader by Ambush Vin

AniVader by Ambush Vin is one of the hardest nerdcore songs in the galaxy! If ya’ll don’t know about Ambush Vin he’s basically one of the best in the nerdcore game. His rap skills are fierce and brilliant and he always brings the heat. This Star Wars singlet is amazing but it doesn’t stop there, you’re going to want to go through the entire music catalog, trust me.  Click image for links to all things Ambush Vin including music.




Stardust In Your Hair (SINGLE) by Nine Year Sister

Stardust In Your Hair (SINGLE) by Nine Year Sister is a charming song about that one connection that can bring you back to life. This sister duo have put out about 1 single each month this year and they are all great pop songs that are part acoustic part synth.  On top of that Nine Year Sister dropped an album of 7 songs in January titled Silver Paper Stars and last year they released an album and 2 Eps. Click image for links to all things Nine Year Sister including music.




XOXO by blvdnights

XOXO by blvdnights is a side project by the myth, the legend Dreddd. That’s right the very same Dreddd who created Black Goat Parts 1 & 2. If you’re not following Dreddd you’re missing out on a TON of great music. This synthwave album is lighter than the darker Black Goat project but it still delivers amazing beats and melodies. It’s got a nice blend of darkwave, retro and cybertech. Click image for links to all things blvdnights including music.




Cerca O Lejos by Ambê

Cerca O Lejos by Ambê will make you fall in love. This is good ol’ romance pop and it’s going to give you all the feel goods. You’ve got great melodies, lyrics of love and heartbreak what’s not to love. On top of all that the guys made some really great, fun and adorable videos that keeps the good feels coming. So what are you waiting for start listening! Click image for links to all things Ambê including music.





VENUS by Danielle Grubb

VENUS by Danielle Grubb is one of those rare albums that get better with each listen. Grubb brings together musical aspects from various genres to create a unique brand of R&B pop. It’s a beautiful album musically speaking. The production is amazing and why wouldn’t it be, Danielle Grubb has a background in production and audio engineering. Grubb’s voice has weight to it, the kind that pulls you in and is full of depth. Click image for links to all things Danielle Grubb including music.




In Full Bloom by Amanda Lindberg

In Full Bloom by Amanda Lindberg is the type of indie pop album you’ll fall in love with. It’s beautiful on the surface but will grab hold of your soul and become a part of you. As a whole the album is soft and mellow, perfect for a nice relaxing day however lyrically the album is very personal and filled with emotions. Lindberg’s voice is very sweet but you’ll hear the emotions of each song shine through those sweet tones. This somber album will certainly give you the feels and you’ll love it. Click image for links to all things Amanda Lindberg including music.





Fear by DISCOMFORT is a hard hitting album with pummeling drums, heavy bass and rapid fire guitars. This aptly title album speaks straight to the heart of what people fear the most. Insecurities laid out for all to see. Every song, every instrument, every roar of the vocals fighting to shed the fears that bind us. Fear is full throttle from the start and only during the last track, Divide, will you get a chance to slow down. You gotta love an album that gets you amped! Check out music by DISCOMFORT, you won’t regret it. Click image for links to all things DISCOMFORT including music.




Black Goat Part 2 by Dreddd

Black Goat Part 2 by Dreddd is the 2nd part in what’s shaping up to be a 4 part series. Just like part 1, Black Goat Part 2 is 14 tracks of dark synthwave goodness! This is the soundtrack to your nightmares! The melodies are the darkest of dark, blackest of black. The beats hit you like a ton of bricks. You’ll certainly be struck with the need to run as that dread wells up from the depths of your soul. Dreddd delivers, and track 3 lets you know in the title ‘You Will Feel Dread‘. Click image for links to all things Dreddd including music.



A Year in A Life by LOGAR

A Year in A Life by LOGAR is an indie folk album that can be vulnerable at times and a bit playful. The lyrics take you through a year in a life as you travel with LOGAR through the seasons and experiences of life. This is a conceptually great album and the songs stand alone as amazing songs about life that are sweet and sincere.  You can imagine LOGAR would fit great on tour with artists like The National, Glen Hansard or John Mayer. I highly recommend giving LOGAR a listen! Click image for links to all things LOGAR including music.



Abnormal Oddities by Jeffrey Dallet

Abnormal Oddities by Jeffrey Dallet Band is the folk rock album to have this year! The picturesque story telling of the lyrics will take you on a journey from one song to the next. The sound is amazing. It’s a bit Dylan, a bit Pixies, all wrapped up in the unique folk rock style that is 100% Jeffrey Dallet band. You’re going to love this album. It’s quirky, fun, touching, It’s simply an amazing piece of art. Click image for links to all things Jeffrey Dallet Band including music.






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