TMB Weekly Music Wrap Week of May 20th

TMB Weekly Music Wrap  Week of May 20th

Welcome to TMB Weekly Music Wrap! Here’s where you can catch up on all the music from this week all in one place. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. An now without further ado the music is below!


Sway by CELSUS Sway by Celsus is a very intriguing debut album. Sway nicely pushes the boundaries both lyrically and musically without seeming too over complicated. There’s a lot to process as the lyrics can be very descriptive. At times even painting a vivid picture of story lines that work on multiple levels. You’ll find that with each listening there is something new to discover. Something you missed before. Click the images to find out more.




Untitled by Lifeless Legend

Untitled by Lifeless Legend is an excellent debut that came out last year. This metalcore band has been working hard touring in support of the album. We’d like to help get the word out because this album is excellent and everyone should really know about it. It’s got everything you could possibly want! Pummeling drums that’ll crack your cranium wide open. Verses that roar with raw emotions. Click the images to find out more.




Always Never Beautiful Forever by The Trudy

This band has been making music for a long time and they always find a way to stay fresh and relevant and Always Never Beautiful Forever is proof of that. Can we talk guitar solos for a minute? When done well it really sets the music apart from others and The Trudy naturally have that down to an art form! Beautiful singing, amazing instrumentation… Click the images to find out more.





This Love by Annie May Willis

This Love by Annie May Willis is a very uplifting folk album that is filled with hope. It’s the kind of album you need whether you’re in need a little pick me up or a whole lot of healing. Every song is soft and gentle. It’s that friend you wish understood and could help. It’s that inner dialog you need to override the darkness. Click the images to find out more.





Love Lost by Sailor Mouth is the soulful tale as old as time of love, love lost, and destruction. Inspired by a whirlwind romance, this six track EP takes you through the eye of the storm of passion, pain and regret. Click the images to find out more.







Draw Blood by Little Red

Draw Blood the sophomore album by Little Red will be out May 25th and if you aren’t already, you’re going to want to follow this band. they’ve got that whole dark, americana, outlaw folk vibe going on. You know, the kind of music you might hear on Sons of Anarchy, or maybe the new spin-off Mayans MC (are you listening Kurt Sutter). Having already delivered on their debut album and two EPs Draw Blood is going to be yet another masterpiece in their collection.  Click the images to find out more.




Natalie Carolan by Natalie Carolan

Natalie Carolan by Natalie Carolan is a brilliantly written album that has a softness to it that is encased in darkness. There is this subtle beauty to it all. The lyrics are sung with soft yet intense emotions, fully bringing to life the depths of each song. With such dimension in each song Natalie is one to follow and may very well be one of the next great songwriters. Click the images to find out more.



Jungle Etiquette by Avant Grade

Jungle Etiquette by Avant Grade is what you need if you want to listen to some chill synth pop music. Throughout the album you have a variety of beats and synth samples that mesh well from track to track and still leaves every track having it’s own identity. The tones are bright but not to bright, just enough to give you that chill vibe.  Click the images to find out more.




OG 'Til Infinity by Otaku Gang

Well, guess who’s back at it again and with a Marvel/Infinity Wars inspired album nonetheless? That’s right, Otaku Gang brought the heat with their latest album OG ‘Til Infinity. This crew never disappoints. That bass will crush you with that Gauntlet, it’s seriously heavy. A son of T’Chaka may not be weak but neither are the lyrical finesse styles throughout each track. Man, how can you not immediately grab this? You might need some new friends if you don’t. Click the images to find out more.

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