TMB Weekly Music Recap Week of June 2nd

TMB Weekly Music Recap  Week of

Welcome to TMB Weekly Music Recap! Here’s where you can catch up on all the music from this week all in one place. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. And now without further ado the music is below!


Sudan Archives is back with a second EP titled Sink. Now, if you haven’t heard the EP yet you’re going to want to check it out ASAP along with the self titled debut. SInk is edgy, as is to be expected from Sudan Archives unique and extraordinary style. The fluidity of the music transverses throughout the EP and is vivid, dazzling, and superb. This young artist mixes together her own style of violin with African rhythms, Synths, and R&B.  Click the images to find out more.





Starting The Collapse is back with the single Witness and the B-side Whirlwind. Having parted ways with their former guitarist, Jorge Benavente, the band has regrouped as a four piece and sound just amazing as ever. Whirlwind is a high energy track and hits hard which will keep you pumped from start to end. Click the images to find out more. 




Coffin Life by Onyx Eye

Coffin Life by Onyx Eye gives you 5 tracks of sweet death/metalcore goodness. This is by far one of the more interesting bands I’ve heard of in this genre recently. They’ve made it their own that’s for sure. The arrangements are interesting (in a good way). The instrumentals are heavy and hit hard and have a hint of Misfits to it. Lyrically they’re bringing death, metalcore, and a bit of hardcore punk. Like I said they’ve got their own thing going on here. Click the images to find out more. 



Distant Star EP by Spielbergs

Distant Star EP by Spielbergs has been out for a couple of months now and it’s a phenomenal debut EP.  The five tracks sound massive, larger than life. There are clearly a lot of different influences here but it’s clear that the band truly believes in the music they’ve put out. They’ve put a lot of passion into each song and it shines through as bright as the anthems we’re all bound to be screaming when we see them in concert. Click the images to find out




Playing House by Common Holly

Playing House by Common Holly came out last year but I was listening to it this weekend and was quickly reminded of how amazing it is. It’s the kind of album that’s bittersweet. Memories of a relationship at it’s end. The good, the bad, the things you’ve tried to make it work, the things you’ve tried to get that magic back. The songs are sad, painful and yet still very sweet. The lyrics are vivid, it’s exceptional storytelling. Click the images to find out more. 





 Sweet Old Religion by Pharis and Jason Romero is an album of about hope, strength and being grateful for the many blessings in life. The music is very serene, like a good friend who is always there bringing you peace when life gets tough. The lyrics are well crafted and run the gambit of emotions from starting over to rebuilding, hope, love and gratitude. Click the images to find out more. 





Game Operator Mini Album by Clavet Game Operator Mini Album by Clavet is a fun and upbeat Chiptunes album you’ll want to listen to again and again. Add it to your playlist or throw it on repeat and have a great 8-bit day. No matter what you’re doing, working, chores, out for a jog, this album is bound to brighten your day with 8-bit video game goodness. The album goes through 8 tracks that give you the feeling of playing a classic game from start to finish. Click the images to find out more. 





Owls in the Night by Awake or Sleeping

Owls in the Night by Awake or Sleeping is a great 3 song pop EP. The lyrics are imaginative and descriptive, which serve to paint a very vivid picture with each song. It’s the kind of music daydreams are made of. Music that’s sweet and catchy. It’s the perfect pop music for getting in touch with your soul as you make plans to concur the world. Awake or Sleeping also has an impressive catalog of EPs, so if you like what you hear, there’s plenty more where that came from! Click the images to find out more. 




11​:​11 by Jae Jin

Your wishes have come true! Jae Jin released the first single off his upcoming 3rd album ,the song is called 11​:​11 and it’s lit! As You would expect, this song is beautiful and full of passion. It’s an expertly written work of art. Jin’s vocals truly place you within the song. You can feel every word hit and ring true. It’s a hit, but that’s what you’d expect from this hit maker. Jin has an impressive catalog of music which I highly recommend you listen to. Click the images to find out more. 




What happens when you decide to create music based off of your favorite Doctor Who episode? You get The Caves by The Sevateem! 16 amazing tracks in the form of a rock opera and proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders! What’s not to love here?  This album is massive, there is something for everyone no matter what you’re in to and it’s a must have for any Doctor Who fan. We love the concept of this album. From start to finish it’s been executed perfectly.  Click the images to find out more. 




Pulse by Sellorekt / LA Dreams

Need some of that retro 80’s nostalgia Synthwave? Then Pulse by Sellorekt / LA Dreams has got you covered. You have a nice balance of Synthpop and Dreamwave and Darkwave throughout the album. There are some fun tracks here like Impossible which is one of my favorites. The overall flow of the album is nice. You can tell there was some thought put into it. Each track flows nicely from one to the next so it’s easy to listen to from start to finish. Click the images to find out more. 

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