TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays (July 12th)

 TMB #tbt (July 12th)

Welcome to TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays! Here’s where we highlight previous music we’ve reviewed that you may have missed. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. And now without further ado the music is below!

 Click the images to find out more.
'Run Deep' by Deva Mahal
‘Run Deep‘ by Deva Mahal is soulful and powerful! Deva brings it on the track ‘Run Deep’. Standing tall in your truth, bringing confidence and walking forward no matter the battle is why ‘Run Deep’ is one of our favorite tracks but it’s not the only one! The emotional devastation of ‘Shards’ pulls on the heartstrings, grab your tissues, and the smooth groovy sound of the sexy ‘Turnt Up (feat. Allen Stone)’. The songwriting on this album is spectacular! Click the images to find out more.





'Neüstonia' by BURN RIVER BURN
Neüstonia‘ by BURN RIVER BURN is the type of album that gives you fuel to make it through your day. It’s got pulsating riffs, gut punching beats, hypnotic melodies and in your face vocals all delivering you that hard rock sound. You can tell that the band has some Soundgarden/Alice in Chains type influences flowing through their music and it’s all packaged nicely in their own unique style. Click the images to find out more.





'Devil Electric' by Devil Electric
Devil Electric‘ by Devil Electric is brilliantly dark, mysterious and beautiful. It’s got a nice modern twist on the vintage doom metal sound. Riffs are lush and heavy, vocals are hauntingly beautiful and beats hit HARD. This is a great album and it’s their debut so you know that means they’ll only get better and we’re looking forward to their next installation!  Click the images to find out more.
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