TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays (Aug 2nd)

 TMB #tbt (Aug 2nd)

Welcome to TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays! Here’s where we highlight previous music we’ve reviewed that you may have missed. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. And now without further ado the music is below!

 Click the images to find out more.
'Something Wicked' by One-Eyed Doll ‘Something Wicked‘ by One-Eyed Doll is full of fun, catchy, dark lyrics with a heavy rock vibe! This EP is one you can rock out to in your blackest of black outfits. Never one to hold back, this band brings the full on frontal assault, it’s some of the best heavy rock out this year. This newest installment from One-Eyed Doll shows their mastery and evolution over their extremely impressive style. Click the images to find out more.





'The World's Best American Band' by WHITE REAPER ‘The World’s Best American Band‘ by WHITE REAPER Is a bold attempt to rock your socks off. While not quite the ‘The World’s Best American Band’ yet, they have tons of potential to snag the title one day as they continue to evolve their sound. Hey, if you say anything loud and long enough it’s bound to come true, what with manifest destiny and all. WHITE REAPER are bold, brave and a ton of fun, just like their music. Click the images to find out more.





'One Last Time' by Summer Salt ‘One Last Time‘ by Summer Salt is their newest single and its a very sweet and lovely song about being alone on Valentine’s day. Truly a brokenhearted tale as old as time, to have someone come in and out of your life and to take that person back time and again is so bittersweet and a song we know you’ll all love!  Click the images to find out more.
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