TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays (Aug 23rd)

 TMB #tbt (Aug 23rd)

Welcome to TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays! Here’s where we highlight previous music we’ve reviewed that you may have missed. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. And now without further ado the music is below!

 Click the images to find out more.

 ‘Recalibrate‘ by Rchetype has a nice chill Mech atmosphere going for it. The drum and bass are solid throughout the 13 tracks and all 13 tracks are simply out of this world good! That’s no exaggeration either! Just close your eyes and you can imagine yourself traveling to distant galaxies and meeting new lifeforms. The production is spectacular as well. This is going to sound amazing on any device or sound system, so all you audiophiles out there are going have this on repeat. Click the images to find out more.



The debut album Running by Ryan Downey has everyone turning heads. If you’re looking to fit Ryan Downey in a nice little box it’ll be a difficult task as Ryan often does 180° turns with his wordplay. It’s this directional change in emotion that gives Ryan Downey’s music an intriguing property and keeps you guessing. No doubt when it comes to writing music Downey plays by his own rules and we find that extremely refreshing! Click the images to find out more. 




Oooooooooo WEEEEE!!! Act IV: Awake by The Seige brings the hotness and that’s a fact. This is pro level, this is crisp, this is clean, so drop what you’re doing and have a listen. This rapper/ producer duo is on deck and you’re going to want to have The Seige as your soundtrack no matter what you’re doing. In the Gym…’Outside‘. Chillin with your friends watching the game or playing games…. ‘Don’t Fall Asleep‘. Rollin’ ’round town, drop that new single ‘Run for Your Life‘.  Click the images to find out more. 



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