Electricity by Vikki Gilmore

Electricity by Vikki Gilmore

Singer songwriter Vikki Gilmore recently released the Alternative Folk song, ‘Electricity‘, which tells the tale of a romance slowly falling apart as their relationship fades over time. This stunningly beautiful song is very bittersweet. However, instrumentally speaking, I love how the music supports the lyrics and vocals. While the lyrics speak of a relationship slowly fading the vocals sound indifferent. Not of pain or anger, just something that has run its course. That knowing that a new phase of life is coming and, as unfortunate as it may seem, it’s simply time to leave behind the things you’ve outgrown.

The music is gentle and has a reminiscent quality about it. Almost like when you move (or watch a scene in a movie) where the room is empty you look back and it’s sad to leave what was once your home but you’re moving to a better house or moving somewhere for a better job. It has that feeling to it. As you reach the chorus the music swells while enveloping the vocals gently. Consequently giving the vocals the same fragility as this slowly fading connection. With the verse and chorus combined, you have that ‘Electricity‘. As the chorus states, “Flowing back from you to me“, the verse saying goodbye but the chorus coming in to wrap its arms around the vocals not wanting this to end.

Somehow when writing ‘Electricity‘, Vikki Gilmore managed to not only write a song that is so beautiful but managed to also bring the song to life by sound alone. Simply brilliant! You can listen to ‘Electricity‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Electricity by Vikki GilmoreElectricity by Vikki GilmoreElectricity by Vikki GilmoreElectricity by Vikki GilmoreElectricity by Vikki GilmoreElectricity by Vikki Gilmore





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