5 Myths by Faultress

5 Myths by Faultress

Faultress just released the stunning five track EP, 5 Myths‘. It breaks down and explores the myths about mental health, power, desire and beauty. The EP is simply a brilliant piece of art pop. For example, the way different textures are used to create an emotional backdrop for the lyrics and vocals, allows the storytelling to stand out. You get really drawn in by the passion in the powerful vocals as well. I’m telling you drop what your doing and go listen A.S.A.P! So let’s see what Faultress had to say:

I read that Marilyn Monroe could ‘turn off’ her persona to such a degree that she could walk through LA with noone recognising her. After coming out of a gaslighting and controlling relationship, I similarly felt that I was done putting on an act just to feel an approximation of love. Beating Heart is an ode to oxytocin – it started as a bit of a joke with a friend about wanting to be able to fuck someone without emotions getting in the way

I think a lot of people will relate. We’ve reached an age in which we’re coming into our own power. While we still have a long way to go, it will be for our collective best. In order to get there, we have to examine these imbalances and find and work on solutions and not simply ignore or put a band-aid on them. I recommend you go listen to 5 Myths‘ because it’s intelligent, thought provoking and really good music! You can watch the video for ‘Marilyn down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

5 Myths by Faultress5 Myths by Faultress5 Myths by Faultress5 Myths by Faultress5 Myths by Faultress5 Myths by Faultress





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