Empress by Calista Kazuko

Empress by Calista Kazuko

“The ‘Empress‘ will see you now!” Today is the day that Calista Kazuko blesses us with the ‘Empress‘ album. The ten track album takes a look at the inequalities women face in today’s world as well as showing their strengths. I’m here for it. I’ve said it before, Calista is in a class all her own and this album proves it! There’s really nothing happening in music that’s like ‘Empress‘. It’s intelligent, creative, thought provoking, and exemplary art. Here’s what Calista had to say about ‘Empress‘:

Powerful women throughout history are massively sexualised, even objectified. Is it because history is written by men? Or were these Empresses using their female prowess to rule the world?

Along with celebrating fierce, fabulous women, the ‘Empress’ album addresses hardships women are continuing to fight globally. Although we’ve come a long way, the struggle for equality continues

It’s hard to believe that as we enter 2020 equality for women still has a very long way to go. The ‘Empress‘ album address these issues in a uniquely artistic way. It’s cleverly written and the storytelling is so intriguing that ‘Empress‘ feels like it could be a musical. I’d certainly be the first in line to see it if it became a musical! ‘Empress‘ is an album you have to experience so go and do so, it’s out today!  Make sure you download the Empress App for more lovely ‘Empress‘ inspired content as well! You can drop down below to watch the latest music video for ‘Benzo Belle‘. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Empress by Calista KazukoEmpress by Calista KazukoEmpress by Calista KazukoEmpress by Calista KazukoEmpress by Calista KazukoEmpress by Calista Kazuko






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