Come With Me (prod. Amillian) by Esmé

Come With Me (prod. Amillian) by Esmé

Singer Songwriter Esmé is closing out the year with a chill vibe in the new single, ‘Come With Me‘ (prod. Amillian). This is a sensual song that beckons the person of your affections to follow you to a more intimate venue. Adding producer Amillian to the mix was a great decision as the different textures blend nicely to create this sultry atmosphere that flow around the vocals like silk. Here’s what Esmé had to say about ‘Come With Me‘:

Come With Me was actually my very first single. I wrote and recorded it all in one day with my guitarist Sean Harlor and never planned on releasing it until we got the master back from Nick Herrera (Hiatus Kaiyote)”, Esmé explains.

After Brooklyn, it made sense to bring Come with Me into the family of new intimate electro sounds and heavier beats, she continues. Using the same vocal track, I worked with Amillian who got the vibe of it straight away, encasing the vocal track with the beautiful synth strings, swirling electric sounds, those heavy Billie Eilish type of beats and echoing vocals. Hearing it felt like swimming in a pastel coloured dream.


Indeed, You will certainly get those vibes when you listen to it! When you throw in the visuals from the video you ‘ve got a nice little combo. It’s intimate and artistic and the two go together very well. So drop down below and check out the music video for ‘Come With Me‘.  by  As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Come with Me (prod. Amillian) by EsméCome with Me (prod. Amillian) by EsméCome with Me (prod. Amillian) by EsméCome with Me (prod. Amillian) by EsméCome with Me (prod. Amillian) by Esmé





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