Nightcrawler by Brudini

Nightcrawler by Brudini

Brudini has recently released, ‘Nightcrawler‘, which is another single from his upcoming debut album, ‘From Darkness, Light‘. ‘Nightcrawler‘ is a bittersweet descent into the darkness. The agitation feel of the drums balance the darker textures of the song, which paves the way for the downward spiral into darkness. The vocals place the listener into a sense of ill at ease, moving from a state of numb to moments of tension. All of which comes together to taken the listener along on this ride down into the abyss. Here’s what he had to say about ‘Nightcrawler‘:

Nightcrawler’ is the tale of a jaded, worn-out character’s march into darkness; briefly overcome by a triumphant moment of warmth and nostalgia, before the night swallows it all.

Nightcrawler‘ is yet another well thought out creation in Brudini’s collection of fine art. There simply are no genres that exist which can accurately descibe the innovations of these songs. You listen to ‘Nightcrawler‘ down below. Brudini’s debut album, ‘From Darkness, Light‘, is set ro be released on October 9th on Apollon
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Nightcrawler by BrudiniNightcrawler by BrudiniNightcrawler by BrudiniNightcrawler by BrudiniNightcrawler by Brudini






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