The Drop – Sept 5th 2020

The Drop – Sept 5th 2020

This week, ‘The Drop’ has some fantastic finds for you. So let’s not waste anymore time and get right into it, shall we?

It Was There by Hayley Sabella

Starting this week off with the tender and vulnerable, ‘It Was There‘ by Hayley Sabella. ‘It Was There‘ is a song about heartbreak and resilience. Having to rebuild ourselves is something everyone goes through and ‘It Was There‘ is a song many will love.





The Screaming Song by Justin Wells

Next on this weeks playlist is ‘The Screaming Song‘ by Justin Wells. It’s an elegant song of life from birth to death, performed with passionate reverie. In just a few short minutes, Wells not only captures life in its entirety but also snapshot moments of departure.



Zerkalo by Fraunhofer Diffraction

Optics aside I rarely get to showcase music from the ambient world. Rarely to they find their way into my inbox. So when I get a chance to discover a new artist I’m pretty excited. ‘Zerkalo‘ by Fraunhofer Diffraction is a song that will take you on a journey into your own self. A reflection of the depth of your soul. Well at least that’s my take on it. I love the wordplay between the artist name and song title.




Pressure Points by LURK

Time for some good ol’ fashion punk music with ‘Pressure Points‘ by LURK. Here’s a song that you can jump around and scream your frustrations away to. This upbeat punk song is filled with bravado and attitude, as it should be. This is the kind of song you throw on when someone is working your last nerve!





To Die by Her Hand by Survived by Nothing

To Die by Her Hand‘ by Survived by Nothing is a track for the fans of all things metal. This hardcore song is about the plague that is humanity. ‘To Die by Her Hand‘ brings forth the problems and pain humanity rains down on the earth and our ultimate demise because  of it. This song is going  to punch you in the face.





The UpsideDown by Karanastic

Playing off the theme of the previous song we thought,’The UpsideDown‘ by Karanastic, would be a great fit. Meshing world destruction with survival mentality, ‘The UpsideDown‘ takes us on the dark journey through a corrupt reality and the monsters that are born from it.





I'd Like to Meet You by Martha Rose

I’d Like to Meet You‘ by Martha Rose is a folk pop song that will lull you into the sweetest daydreams. It’s a gentle love song about finding the right person for you. We all know what a journey that can be. The anticipation as we search, the  doubt,  the good and bad experiences. That is the essence of ‘I’d Like to Meet You‘.





The Death Of Everything by Marc With a C

The Death Of Everything‘ by Marc With a C Is an indie song brimming with witty storytelling. This song takes the current state of humanity and our need to destroy everything and bluntly  places it front and center for all to witness. It’s one brilliant song!




Nice Guy by Beccaa

Nice Guy‘ by Beccaa is an upbeat pop song for when you’re out looking for a little fun but nothing serious. It’s easy to hear how it will be a club banger as it’s sure to get a lot of people on the floor singing at the top of their lungs.





No Control by Sounds&Colours

Ending this week’s playlist with a bang is ‘No Control‘ by Sounds&Colours. This German band is bringing that Alt Rock / Emo Rock sound back to the forefront of music with their latest EP, ‘Limberg‘. From the EP we’ve chosen the song ‘No Control‘ for its positive message. We felt it was right to end this week’s playlist with a little “ray of hope”, so stay strong!





That’s all for this week. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.






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