The Drop – September 26th 2020

The Drop – September 26th 2020


We’ve got a great playlist for this weeks  The Drop – ( September 26th 2020) so lets get right into it!




Liability by Sarah Brown

Starting off this weeks playlist with ‘Liability’ by Sarah Brown. The song is all about standing in your own power and staying true to yourself. It might be considered a liability to walk your own path but the rewards are worth it and this song will help you start your day off with the right mentality to succeed!





Miss That Mind by ToyQueens

Next up we’ve got ‘Miss That Mind‘ by ToyQueens. ‘Miss That Mind‘ is a bop with a chill vibe. The song a story about redemption. We all fall down from time to time and ‘Miss That Mind‘ shows that you can come back from those moments. I’m sure someone out there needs to hear that message right now and ‘Miss That Mind‘ has a story everyone will relate to.





Sugar Cane by AJ, the OneSugar Cane‘ by AJ, the One is a banger. That beat hits hard and AJ, the One comes through with that flow that’s both smooth and hard. It’s hard not to feel ‘Sugar Cane‘, it just slaps!





Natural Disaster by Edited PeopleEdited People has a new bop called ‘Natural Disaster‘ which is about mistakes being a natural part of life. That’s how we grow, so it’s alright to make mistakes. Still, society teaches us that it’s unacceptable and that affects our self-worth. ‘Natural Disaster‘ speaks volumes and is certain to speak to a lot of people feeling the same way.





Every minute by K LSYEvery minute‘ by K LSY is a dark club banger that would get everyone on the floor at an LA DEAD event. It’s hypnotic, seductive and eccentric. ‘Every minute‘ may be a bit off the beaten path but in the best way possible!





Tinted by BrunoTinted‘ by Bruno is a club banger filled with so much suspense that you’ll instantly find yourself dancing along! From the beginning it starts of with a darkness that feels like it’s going somewhere. When the beat drops you’re in a new world. However, you find yourself in this cycle where the song repeats but the music is slightly different. Like waking up in a world you recognize but the colors are slightly different. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this fun banger!





Growing up by Justin LlamasGrowing up‘ by Justin Llamas is heartfelt song about having to say goodbye to people the older we get. Inspired by the passing of Justin’s Grandmother, ‘Growing up‘ details an experience everyone will go through and for a lot of people we’ll have to go through it many times. Saying goodbye is hard no matter the circumstances but exponentially harder when a loved one passes. ‘Growing up‘ will connect with a lot of listeners so be prepared, you’re going to feel this one.





Whispers & Whistles by René Le FeuvreWhispers & Whistles‘ by René Le Feuvre Is the type of song that will bring satisfaction and calm to your soul. Le Feuvre’s honest and vulnerable vocals pierce right through the soul. ‘Whispers & Whistles‘ is gentle yet charming and destined to charm its way onto your playlist as well!





Banana Juice by SukkoBanana Juice‘ by Sukko is at first a fun upbeat song that will put a smile on you face. It’s catchy and filled with beautiful imagery of a utopian world. However, the songs deeper meaning is about climate change and the need to act on it for our future. What’s not to love?





We Will Find the Words by Dead Scientists

Last but not least is ‘We Will Find the Words‘ by Dead Scientists. ‘We Will Find the Words‘ is off their debut album of the same name. The album is their thoughts on the current state of the world including climate change. The song, ‘We Will Find the Words‘, perfectly encapsulates all of that so we’ve chosen it to round out this weeks playlist.



That will do it for this week. You can listen to our Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.







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