Joy of Jesus by Stephanie Lambring

Joy of Jesus by Stephanie Lambring

Stephanie Lambring recently released the single, ‘Joy of Jesus‘, which asks the listener to take a hard look at their actions compared to the teachings of their upbringing. ‘Joy of Jesus‘ won’t be an easy listen to people who get defensive easily, however, the song’s message is an important one. To look at your actions and recognize that they may be going against the word of the bible is hard. Made even harder when leaders of the community are acting the same. However, just because someone else is acting or doing certain things doesn’t make it right. That’s where ‘Joy of Jesus‘ shines bright.

The song points out common contradictions in the current ways people are behaving in the world. It’s may sound controversial but the gentle nature of the guitar and vocals is an audible signal that this isn’t meant to demean anyone. It’s mearly a song asking you to realign with your religious beliefs. After all, the negativity and hate go against the teachings of the bible and all other religious texts as well. Here’s what Lambring had to say about ‘Joy of Jesus

I don’t have all the answers. But this verse is what I hope is the heart, or ‘joy’ of Jesus. That He feels the pain of our LGBT loved ones. The shame of the anxious believers. The wounds of the Twitter trolls. That He understands the skepticism of agnostics and atheists. The fear of the parents whose son just came out. That He holds space for the questions and the messiness and the complexity.

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Joy of Jesus by Stephanie LambringJoy of Jesus by Stephanie LambringJoy of Jesus by Stephanie LambringJoy of Jesus by Stephanie LambringJoy of Jesus by Stephanie LambringJoy of Jesus by Stephanie Lambring






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