Babygirl by Cf Watkins

Babygirl by Cf Watkins

I’m happy to saythat today is the day Cf Watkins releases her new album, ‘Babygirl‘! The album is about personal growth and the strength and love of friendship. You will certainly connect with each of the songs on ‘Babygirl‘, which are themselves, connected through empowering stories on this journey of personal growth. I’m impressed with the storytelling lyrics which are vivid. You’re given a front row seat of each of the stories. You feel the vulnerability of growth portrayed throughout the album.

The album’s atmosphere is upbeat at times of strength and also reserved at moments of vulnerability. Perfectly setting the mood for you to feel the bonds of friendship that permeate throughout ‘Babygirl‘. Here’s what Watkins had to say about the album’s title track, ‘Babygirl‘:

“When I thought of the purest love I know, these relationships were the first to come to mind,” she says. “In romance, I’ve always been very confused- but love was so clear, magic, and eternal with my best friends, those I called babygirl – who have danced with me in the early morning rain, laughing through the confusion.” She continues, “This is an album meant for other women to hear — with songs that are vulnerable and powerful.”

I’ll say this Watkins is certainly a brilliantly powerful songwriter. You’re going to love ‘Babygirl‘. You can watch the music video for ‘The Tell‘ down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists!

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Babygirl by Cf WatkinsBabygirl by Cf WatkinsBabygirl by Cf WatkinsBabygirl by Cf WatkinsBabygirl by Cf Watkins

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