The Drop – October 24th 2020

The Drop – October 24th 2020

This week, The Drop (October 24th 2020), is back with a mix of high in low energy for your soul! We’re taking you on quite a musical ride with songs about those who are there for you and succumbing to vices. It’s something we all experience in one form or another and music is a great way to express those situations. So let’s get to it!


Money by The Great Leslie

Starting off this weeks playlist with, ‘Money‘ by The Great Leslie. This punchy upbeat song is sure to start your day off right! ‘Money‘ is about placing value on love instead of material possessions. The lyrics detail a relationship in which one person is focused on love while the other is focused on money. In today’s gotta have it world this is certainly something a lot of people will relate with. Make no mistake, this song is a bop and the perfect way to start off this weeks playlist!


Crimson by Xhoana X

Next up is the dark and sensual ‘Crimson‘ by Xhoana X. ‘Crimson‘ is a devilishly delicious song about letting go and surrendering to the good feelings. The sultry vocals drift over the enclosing atmospheric darkness. All of which pulls the listener in and beckons you to relinquish control to the hypnotic waves of the song. ‘Crimson‘ is a unique bop that you’re going to want to drift away with.



Anchor In The Blue by Dana Crowe

Anchor In The Blue‘ by Dana Crowe is about being there for someone no matter what challenges may arise. That’s certainly a sentiment that we all can appreciate, perhaps even more in 2020. The atmosphere has a classic sound to it adding that extra umph of familiarity to the overall message of the song. Crowe’s emotive vocals express the depth and length of devotion Crowe will go to be that anchor of stability. Say what you will but deep down we’re all both wanting to be and looking for someone willing to stand by our side.


The Jump by Tiny Deaths

The Jump‘ by Tiny Deaths pulls you in…”from the jump” with a deep bassline and soulful dreamy vocals. The smooth groove will have you vibing and singing right along with this earworm of a song. It’s chill yet catchy and a total mood!



Rapacious by After Smoke Clears

From chill to high octane,  next we’re turning the energy all the way up for the fans of all things metal with, ‘Rapacious‘ by After Smoke Clears. ‘Rapacious‘ is a deep take on consumerism and its control over our existence. In a world where we idolize “the hustle” (ironically a word that historically means fraud or to swindle) and influencers push an endless amount of products on you, this corrupt paradigm leaves people feeling empty and wanting more. ‘Rapacious‘ drives this message home hard and tells the listener to wake up and see what’s truly going on. It’s a message I can get behind and perhaps one that we all need to hear!

Laylow by Suchy

Keeping that energy up but in a different way is, ‘Laylow‘ by Suchy. This soulful songs blends multiple genres together for an upbeat burst that will get you moving and singing along with Suchy’s passionately compelling vocals! It’s a bop and you’re going to enjoy this one!



Runaround by Deer Fellow

Keeping that soulful flow going but turning the energy down a notch is, ‘Runaround‘ by Deer Fellow. ‘Runaround‘ has smooth jazzy tones and vulnerable lyrics which tell the story of trying to save someone from themself. Being pushed away for trying to save someone from the heartbreak of someone who isn’t good for them. It’s a story many people will relate with.

Oh Desire by Camphor

Oh Desire‘ by Camphor is off the ‘Here Where the Light Falls’ and is about succumbing to your desires. It’s a vulnerable and delicate song. The atmosphere is dark and subtle yet resolves to a bright shimmer at the end. This is a song to lose yourself to. Just melt away into the abyss.



Guinea Pig by The Violet Stones

The Violet Stones give us the grunge infused, alt rock banger, ‘Guinea Pig‘, an energetic song that tackles hypocrisy, materialism and personal gain. The song starts off with a drumbeat and deep bassline and for a brief moment grows into that lovely big grungy sound before toning it down in the verse. ‘Guinea Pig‘ is gritty, explosive, and filled with lyrical depth. Definitely the type of song you’ve got to listen to at full volume.

I Try by Jda

Toning that energy down to end this week’s playlist with a more relaxing vibe but retaining the overall attitude is, ‘I Try‘ by Jda. ‘I Try‘ has that neo soul vibe and some shimmery keys that brighten the sound up. This song has smooth tones which balance the strength of the lyrics. Jda’s vocals flow with grace and emotion. I had to add ‘I Try‘ to this weeks playlist because it has an important message. 


That’s all for this week. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.



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