The Drop – October 31st 2020

The Drop – October 31st 2020

This week, The Drop (October 31st 2020) slows it down a bit with some music that will make you reflect on love and life.

Rose by Jonathan Estep

Starting off this weeks playlist with, ‘Rose‘, by Jonathan Estep. ‘Rose‘ is all about new beginnings. Two people just picking up everything and heading towards a positive and bright future. The songs atmosphere is reflective yet filled with hope. Estep’s emotive vocals truly bring out that message of hope for a better future. Sounds like the perfect way to start off this weeks playlist!

Wild West by Katie O'Malley

Next up is ‘Wild West‘ by Katie O’Malley. ‘Wild West‘ is a rather somber song about the dangers of the world. Through smoky vocals sang with gavitas, O’Malley manages to capture the lyrics and bring them to life. O’Malley will also captivate the hearts of all who listen.


I Think, I Feel by Innes Wilson

I Think, I Feel‘ by Innes Wilson Is a charming song that I think we all can appreciate. It’s a mid tempo bop with an upbeat feel. Wilson passionately sings every note so that the music transforms and transcends boundaries. ‘I Think, I Feel‘ is an earworm you’re going to enjoy!

Odds by Brian

Odds‘ by Brian Has a gentle daydream-like atmosphere with the class and elegance of a 1940’s era big band night club. The Eloquent vocals are gentle yet filled with so much emotion. It’ll be hard not to get whisked away by the floating warm tones!

Days of Old by Sara Davis Regan

Days of Old‘ by Sara Davis Regan is a song that shows appreciation for the now moment. Understanding that these moments are but a flicker in time and what will be cherished moments will also be a little bittersweet as nostalgia often is. The acoustic guitar paired with Sara’s warm and tender hearted vocals is simply sublime. ‘Days of Old‘ is a great reminder to take in everything and appreciate it in the moment.

Your Days (feat. Hanna Turi) by Les Flâneurs

Your Days‘ (feat. Hanna Turi) by Les Flâneurs Is a song that reminds you to go out and achieve your goals because you are the only one that can make it happen! The music is uplifting and the lyrics are inspirational. It’s all pulled together by Turi’s gentle and warm vocals which will inspire you to set aside anything holding you back and go for the gold. 


Between the Bars by FIERO

Between the Bars‘ by FIERO is a splendid cover of Elliot Smith’s original version. FIERO does a wonderful job capturing the vulnerability in the lyrics while at the same time making the song their own. FIERO’s version adds some dream pop textures giving it a bigger sound than the original, all the while maintaining the integrity. It’s a cover I’m sure many fans of the original would love. ‘Between the Bars‘ is on their ‘Reunion‘ EP which is a great EP for you to check out. 

I Give Up by Marja Hansen

Marja Hansen’sI Give Up‘ is easily relatable. We’ve all had moments when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. Moments when the fear or stress is overwhelming and we decide to throw the towel in. ‘I Give Up‘ speaks volumes to that very moment. Hansen’s vocals are warm yet give off that feeling of exhaustion while the dream pop soundscape lulls you away to letting go. ‘I Give Up‘ is a must have.


Fairytale by Peach Luffe

Fairytale‘ by Peach Luffe meshes dreamy soundscapes and Sixties era style vocal arrangements for a dream pop bop about building up a relationship to fairytale heights while missing or ignoring red flags that inevitably bring the illusion to an end. ‘Fairytale‘ is an internal conversation dealing with those fears and reality. It’s heavy lyrical content is wrapped in such a sweet and catchy sound that’s easy on the ears. 

At Rest by Phantom Handshakes

At Rest‘ by Phantom Handshakes blend delicate jangle undertones with floating dream pop soundscapes. All of which forms the stage for ethereal vocals to shimmer and dance. The anxiety fueled lyrics in ‘At Rest‘ are paired with a mellow soundscape and shimmery guitar riffs which gives added emphasis on the lyric, “My heartbeat is racing at rest“. The contrast is beautifully done and it’s the perfect way to end this weeks playlist!


That’s all for this week. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

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