The Drop – November 21st 2020

The Drop – November 21st 2020

This week, The Drop (November 21st 2020) is raw, vulnerable, and filled with strength. Plus a nice bonus fandom banger for those long time fans of ‘Supernatural‘. Needless to say we’ve got some bops on deck so let’s get into The Drop.

I'm Screwed Valerio Lysander

Starting this week off with, ‘I’m Screwed‘ by Valerio Lysander. I’m a big fan of Lysander’s newer album, When the Clouds Will Gather I Will Drink the Rain so you can imagine my shock when I found out that this weeks lead, ‘I’m Screwed‘, is a few years old. This charming song is about the foolish and hopeless  romantic that continues to fall into the same patterns. Lysander’s vocals are simply divine. They’re filled with such raw emotion, can soar to the highest heights and turn around at the drop of a dime. You’re going to instantly fall in love with ‘I’m Screwed‘! 


Apollo Flowerchild - Bloody Hands

Bloody Hands‘ by Apollo Flowerchild is a powerful song of strength and resilience in the wake of devastation. The brooding undertones of the musical arrangement go hand in hand with the pensive lyrics. Apollo Flowerchild’s vocals bring a range and depth of emotions giving ‘Bloody Hands‘ it’s multilayered message.


Lovesongs by Jimmy Knows

Lovesongs‘ by Jimmy Knows is about a long distance relationship drifting further apart. The tender and somber lyrics tell a vivid story of the growing distance. ‘Lovesongs‘ atmosphere is gentle with pensive basslines which emphasize the tone of the song. I know you guys are going to like this pick! ‘Lovesongs‘ is the type of song everyone can appreciate!


Gold by Kaia Laurielle

Gold‘ by Kaia Laurielle blends nuanced electronics with soul and R&B elements creating a unique neo-soul sound. Kaia’s warm and rich vocals drifts over bouncy syncopated synths. Meanwhile, Kaia’s flow is straight up Gold. This is the song you turn up when you’re feeling yourself! We all need ‘Gold‘ in our lives.


Not Your Baby by Loyo & Mark Jared

Not Your Baby‘ by Loyo & Mark Jared blends hiphop, R&B and pop into one contemplative bop. Mark Jared produced a chill arrangement with some tasty textures that hit just right and sets the mood. Meanwhile, Loyo’s sick flow runs circles around the ebb and flow of the music refusing to be capture, as if to say ” I’ll call ya / but I’m sorry / I’m not your baby“. The intertwining of the two elements (music and vocals) lean into the lyrics which adds a great deal of depth to the song. This earworm of a bop will have you singing along, trust and believe!


Good Morning Simulation by Grace C Elliot

Good Morning Simulation‘ by Grace.C.Elliot is a dream pop, electro bop, that takes reality and flips it on it’s head. ‘Good Morning Simulation‘ has you question whether or not this is all just a dream. The texture vocals makes it feel like your floating in between the two states (reality and dream). The musical arrangement gives the song that extra bit of daydream meets the matrix feel. I really couldn’t stop listening to  ‘Good Morning Simulation‘. I’m sure y’all are going to enjoy this one.


On My Own Stage by Lynne Jackaman

On My Own Stage‘ by Lynne Jackaman is pure beauty in simplicity personified. Jackaman’s vocals soulfully dance across the piano backdrop. Those powerful vocals hold a great deal of gravitas and warmth as the emotionally packed lyrics unfold. ‘On My Own Stage‘ is simply stunning. This is a song everyone, and I do mean everyone, is going to love.


If I'm In Trouble by Springbar

Bringing the alt rock vibes to the playlist this week is, ‘If I’m In Trouble‘ by Springbar. ‘If I’m In Trouble‘ has an upbeat atmosphere and its catchy chorus will make you want to sing out aloud. With memorable guitar riffs and in your face emotive vocals ‘If I’m In Trouble‘ is simply irresistible!


Reborn by Detevilus Project

Reborn‘ by Detevilus Project takes influences from Death Metal, Djent, and Progressive Metal then wraps in all in a thick blanket of melody, growls, and screams to create the brooding sound that is uniquely Detevilus Project. The song is about stripping away all parts of yourself that is broken  and becoming your truest self. ‘Reborn‘ will hit you like a ton of bricks, however, it just might give you that push you need to break free of restrictions and step into your truest self!


Dean Winchester by Ambush Vin

Ending this week with a banger is, ‘Dean Winchester‘ by Ambush Vin. All you Supernatural fans out there here’s one to celebrate with it. Ambush Vin came through with an ode to Dean Winchester, a proper sendoff that we deserve! Team Free Will on deck. An era may be over but we’ll always have the banger ‘Dean Winchester‘.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks playlist. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.



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