New Sin by Eleri Angharad

New Sin by Eleri Angharad

Eleri Angharad recently released the single, ‘New Sin‘, and it’s sinfully exquisite! The song is equal parts devilish and sensual. Of course, you would expect it in a song about a steamy love affair! ‘New Sin‘ has a hypnotic and alluring atmosphere, which in turn, ups the heat of the storytelling lyrics! Angharad vocals bring a range of emotion and skill to the song which show off her vocal prowess quite well. Here’s what Angharad had to say about ‘New Sin‘:

“New Sin is about the thrill of two lovers, locking eyes and beginning a steamy love affair. I’ve spent many a night out in Sin City and always catch myself observing and soaking in the atmosphere, capturing snapshots of peoples’ lives, in-between a few drinks and dancing – of course.

It’s a love lesson to characters that should know better. Does it become a one-night stand or blossom into something more? I’ll leave that for you to decide.” Eleri teases.

New Sin‘ sees Angharad step outside the Country music sphere and explore the fullness of her creativity. I have to say, Angharad can do no wrong! You can listen to ‘New Sin‘ down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

New Sin by Eleri AngharadNew Sin by Eleri AngharadNew Sin by Eleri AngharadNew Sin by Eleri AngharadNew Sin by Eleri Angharad

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