Songs to Rerelease Properly by Gozling

Songs to Rerelease Properly by Gozling

Gozling recently released the EP, ‘Songs to Rerelease Properly‘, which contains five futuristic song that will having you not only dancing the night away but also thinking about the absurdity that exists with humanity. Right off the bat this is an album you’ll want to listen to multiple times. “Gozling is the gospel…if you  care to listen.” That’s just it, you’re pulled in by amazing club bangers you can dance the night away to. However, the lyrics are certainly deep and profound. Above all, the more you listen the more you uncover. ‘Songs to Rerelease Properly‘ is certainly an intriguing EP! Here’s what Gozling had to say about ‘Songs to Rerelease Properly‘:


Bb619 — this song was originally a blended production study of Kill V Maim by Grimes and 212 by Azalea Banks. I wanted to try to make a bop, and according to the 4,000+ people who have listened to it since I first released it in September, I’d say I succeeded! Lyrically, the song is about my personal paradigm shift on June 19th, and I wanted to drive home a vibe that emphasized how ridiculous it can feel at first to start actually believing in yourself.

“Give me a reality where the good guy wins and the good guy’s always me!” State of Affairs in the Toybox: I’ll be real here, even though I’m Canadian, I was really pissed off that the US Presidential Election was on my birthday (November 3rd); it felt like the most ironic cap off of the hellish 4 years that Trump has put the U.S., and by extension it’s northern neighbour, through. The lyrics are not very kind to the Trump Family


Do yourself a favor and go listen to, ‘Songs to Rerelease Properly‘. You’ll certainly be glad you did! You can watch the music video for ‘BB619‘ down below.  Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Songs to Rerelease Properly by GozlingSongs to Rerelease Properly by GozlingSongs to Rerelease Properly by GozlingSongs to Rerelease Properly by Gozling

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