Perfect Life by Ishani

Perfect Life by Ishani

Ishani recently released the single, ‘Perfect Life‘, a song that takes a look at the time spent on social media idolizing the perfectly curated lives and the impact it has on our lives. The Trip Hop atmosphere is infused with alt pop elements which provides a cool yet dark vibe that enhances the lyrical message. Ishani’s vocals bring that laid back element that will draw the listener in deeper “down this rabbit hole” much like the endless time wasted scrolling social media, working double duty as both the inner commentary of the social media addict as well as the ccounterargument. All of which makes ‘Perfect Life‘ a bop that’ll make you re-think how you spend your time. Here’s what Ishani had to say about ‘Perfect Life‘:

“‘Perfect Life’ is a playful commentary on how we can turn into monsters when we lose ourselves on social media. ”

“a story about our collective social media experience and our relationships with our own phones. Whether we want to or not, we are constantly seeing other people’s lives, fantasising about what their world is like, and wasting our own time constantly scrolling, not living, just imagining other people’s lives.”

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Perfect Life by IshaniPerfect Life by IshaniPerfect Life by IshaniPerfect Life by Ishani

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