TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays (June 21st)

 TMB #tbt (June 21st)

Welcome to TMB #tbt Throwback Thursdays! Here’s where we highlight previous music we’ve reviewed that you may have missed. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. And now without further ado the music is below!


'Awakening' by The Slyde
Awakening‘ by The Slyde has got some heavy riffs and soaring solo’s to die for! It’s a melodic wonderland of sound with catchy lyrics you can totally sink your teeth into. It’s got a retro feel that is still modern and edgy. This progressive metal band is back again with their latest album ‘Awakening’ and the results are impressive. No doubt, The Slyde will continue to have success as they grow and evolve!  Click the images to find out more.




‘The Way You Leave’ by Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds
The Way You Leave‘ by Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds has a vintage sound with a modern feel. ‘The Way You Leave’  runs the gambit of emotions from love and heartbreak and the occasional questionable choices. You will find that the songs are all very easily relatable, we’ve all been there. You’ll be falling into the sweet tones of Russell’s voice meanwhile, swaying back and forth from the beautiful music supporting it. Click the images to find out more.




'Something Beautiful' by Emily Taylor Kelso
Something Beautiful‘ by Emily Taylor Kelso is indeed “something beautiful” We’ve really enjoyed this Album and all of Emily Taylor Kelso songs. It’s pop country with that throwback twang. The lyrics are deep and beautiful as well! Stellar songwriting throughout the album as you journey through the heartbreak. Kelso paints the pictures so vividly and the words melt into your soul. We’re loving this album and we’re sure you will too! Click the images to find out more.
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