Ice Boy EP by Trafton

Ice Boy EP by Trafton

Trafton returns today with the Ice Boy EP which contains five brilliant pieces of well crafted pop. I just have to say this now, this is an artist that is truly on the next level. So let’s start with what we’ve already heard from this EP, that being the first drop and fifth track,’Winter Blues (Demo)‘. It was originally intended to one day find a home with another artist. This song was different from others that came before it in that it was not born from Trafton’s own experiences. From a sonic perspective it fit’s in so well with the rest of the tracks, it’s hard to believe that it was almost placed in the hands of another artist.

Next up is the third song on the EP, ‘Be Like That‘, which was released last week. To say that this song is the ‘hit’ or ‘standout’ of the crowd would devalue the other four tracks. However, it’s clear that this song was at the very least produced with the intention of it being a single. The sound is far more complex than the other four and this was our first introduction to the ‘Ice Boy’. Which, allowed the listener to gain some clarity on this over thinker wanting a closeness but forever trapped in his head longing to be thawed.

My mind and brain go to war.
The later that it gets the more that I should say.
I’m an Ice boy, come make me warm.

Okay, now on to the songs we haven’t heard yet. The intro ‘Paralysis‘ introduces us to the world in which the ‘Ice Boy’ lives and a brief understanding of what we are getting into. It perfectly melds into song two, ‘Scarborough Fair‘, which is a beautiful remake and modernization of the Simon & Garfunkel song and it sets a nice tone for ‘Be Like That‘. Lastly, the fourth track, ‘Lake House Poem

Maybe you’re lost and don’t want to be found.
Dizzy and dying like us in the lake house. Us in the lake.
Like us in the lake house, Like us in the lake house, Like us in the lake house.

Full disclosure, I’m not qualified to review this song, musically. I watch way to many horror movies. This song is dark enough without my horror filled brain thinking of movies this would work well in. That being said, with the lyric above can’t you just see an innocent pair of  twins creepily walking towards you saying that? No. Just me? Okay, cool. Moving along. From a musical stand point, this is truly the culmination of everything we’ve heard from the ‘Ice Boy’ thus far. When you think of a lake house, you think of vacation and good times. Ultimately, this is an artist through and through because ‘Ice Boy’ is lost and alone and ‘dizzy and dying’ in this cold picture that has been painted for us.

Many artists have toiled away looking for answers and inspirations in the solitude of a lake house and here is where we find the ‘Ice Boy’.  Whatever chaos is devouring him inside his mind has prevented him from having a good time with his companion. This is a cold and empty place. There is confusion, loss of faith, and loneliness. It feels like a slow death. Like falling into the iced over lake and no one is around to save you. Again, perhaps that’s what my horror addled mind sees when I listen to it. I did warn you.

Anyway, only an artist can say what their true intentions and visions are. However, it’s obvious that there was a lot of time and dedication not only in the music, the lyrics, the production but in all aspects of creation, including track placement. Each song just plays so well off of one another. The Ice Boy EP is hypnotic, like a music box. It draws you in, pulls you close and captures your heart and soul. I’m here and living for this EP! Have a listen to ‘Be Like That‘ below. Go grab ‘Ice Boy EP ‘ immediately, it’s everywhere you want to be. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Ice Boy EP by TraftonIce Boy EP by TraftonIce Boy EP by TraftonIce Boy EP by TraftonIce Boy EP by Trafton




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