Get On, Heart! by Christa Joy

Get On, Heart! by Christa Joy

Singer songwriter Christa Joy released her most recent Americana album titled, ‘Get On, Heart!‘. The eleven track album gives you everything you want, from the twangy soulful sounds to that down home feel that is oh so irresistible. Theme’s touch on heartbreak, the ins and outs of love, moving forward, and others, but perhaps the most prevalent of all is the theme of hope which was undoubtedly inspired by the birth of Joy’s daughter. Here’s a snippet from the website about how this album came into existence:

Joy spent the earliest years of her songwriting telling stories of her rural upbringing, the illness and death of her mother, and the brokenhearted years that followed this loss. Impermanence, separation, and the fragility of human life were themes that figured prominently in her early songwriting. Then she became a Mom in 2015. That new little being demanded her presence and Joy turned her attention back toward this most precious world.

She saw it all again for the first time and experienced it all through the soft constant awareness of her little girl. She lightened up, began to laugh again, and took notes for the whole ride. These are the moments that brought together my most recent collection of songs, “Get On, Heart!” These are songs she has always dreamed of writing—the kind of music that makes you want to put your fanciest boots on, shake the dust off, and dance your heart out.

It really is a beautiful album that is well written and you should go check it out! You can drop down below to watch the acoustic video for the song ‘On the Shunpike‘. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Get On, Heart! by Christa JoyGet On, Heart! by Christa JoyGet On, Heart! by Christa JoyGet On, Heart! by Christa JoyGet On, Heart! by Christa JoyGet On, Heart! by Christa Joy




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