For Emma by JT Pearson

For Emma by JT Pearson

For Emma‘ by JT Pearson is a four track EP that is a heartfelt and simply a beautiful ode of a very precious angel. The album has a nice classic country sound to it which will give you that nostalgic feel of a more simplistic time. Unfortunately the album came about due to a tragic event in Pearson’s life. Here’s a passage from the website about how the album came to be:

“For Emma” came to existence through one fateful event that changed everything. JT and his wife were joyfully expecting twins in spring of 2019. The twins came much too early. Noah, was in intensive care for 122 days. Emma, the peaceful angel did not make it. It is this moment that finally broke JT. Finally made him realize that life is too short, too precious to not live your dream. In February 2019, JT went the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record. This debut ep is an always living beacon for Emma’s memory. A light for all to find hope under her angel wings. Hope to reach for your dreams and not give up. “For Emma” is for us all, from the heart.

Every second of the album tells a story that reflects the immense love JT has for his precious angel Emma and the impact the loss has had on him. You should drop down below and listen to the song ‘Until the Sun Fades Away‘! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

For Emma by JT PearsonFor Emma by JT PearsonFor Emma by JT PearsonFor Emma by JT PearsonFor Emma by JT PearsonFor Emma by JT Pearson




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