Alright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM

Alright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM

I was recently alerted to the newest single by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM called, ‘Alright‘. The song is very empowering in that it urges women to trust themselves and not be pressured into conforming to a specific female mold. I like the sound of that message. You’ll notice the video takes a very tongue in cheek, over saturated, girly approach, to show you just how ridiculous this notion is. Here is what Disco Shrine had to say about ‘Alright‘:

When I first started in music a lot of men would tell me how I should sound, what I should look like, and it usually involved me being hyper girly and sexual. They would make me feel inferior. This video is the embodiment of me finding that power and taking it back. It’s proof that girls can appreciate a cliche without being one.

More and more I hear stories like this. Music is the expression of the individual. That individuality connects the audience to the artist. It’s the difference between a one hit wonder and a legend. I think it’s a shame the industry still can’t see that. When you think about all the wonderful music suppressed because they are forced into a mold it’s a sad thought. So much amazing music will never be heard.

Thankfully artists like Disco Shrine are taking their careers into their own hands and bringing us some amazing music and for that I say, “thank you”. You can hop down below and watch the cheeky video for ‘Alright‘. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Alright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOMAlright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOMAlright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOMAlright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOMAlright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOMAlright by Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM





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