Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos by Cell

Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos by Cell

The Black metal trio know as Cell are in the midst of their USA / Canada Tour in support of their newest album, ‘Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos‘.  This album tells the story of two races on the planet Xarbos. Here is how CELL describes the album follows:

Each track has its own story in the album that leads to one big ending which is the decimation of the Xarbonite hierarchy. In the story, there are two races of beings on this planet: one race chose to rise with power, tech, money and the lower race is actually the oldest of Xarbos and know the ways of the land and its magic. There are a few side stories within the album that trail off but still, stay within the main story.

The band then goes on to talk about the single, ‘The Wailing Sea of Emptiness‘:

This song is about the lower race crossing the wailing sea to get to the valley of Assimilation. Within the valley, there is a wormhole that can transport any being to the realm of the Frost King. Long ago before the higher race started taking over, everyone was in harmony and lived together as one. Over the years fewer people believed in the gods of the old world and the god of gods grew tired of this and trapped all the souls of non-believers

Not only is the album a work of art but you’re getting what is essentially a Black Metal music. I know I’d go see ‘Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos  if it were turned into a musical! That’d be right up my alley. We have a well thought out main storyline with some side stories to give it more depth and character. With the continuation of such huge disparity between the classes here on Earth, including natives on every continent fighting for survival and preservation of their lands, this story hits close to home. Which will make it all too relatable for the masses.

The lyric video for the  single ‘The Wailing Sea of Emptiness‘ is available for you to listen to down below. Afterwards you should hop over to your favorite music service and have a listen to the rest of the album! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos by CellAncient Incantations Of Xarbos by CellAncient Incantations Of Xarbos by CellAncient Incantations Of Xarbos by CellAncient Incantations Of Xarbos by Cell





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