Sandy / Drive by Son of Cabe

Sandy / Drive by Son of Cabe

Sandy / Drive‘ is the new double single by Son of Cabe and as to be expected they’re both bops! I have to say, it’s always a good day when a new Son of Cabe song drops and we just got two! ‘Sandy  has an upbeat, retro pop vibe to it, while on the other hand,  ‘Drive‘ has a modern Electropop vibe. This double single showcases the wide range this artist has where no boundaries can confine him. Very impressive! Here’s some background on both songs:

The first titled ‘Sandy’, an 80s esq pop belter themed around cheating, attention-seeking and how the nice people always get pulled in to it. “It seems like it’s become kind of fashionable to treat someone like dirt and I hate it. I wanted to write a song expressing that, but embody the whole livin’ for the night kind of sound, that I’m guessing drives people to cheat? I don’t know”.

‘Drive’, the second of the two tracks leans far more into the commercial pop world with waving synths and dancehall influenced drums, featuring vocals from Dutch electro artist Liza Lo. It tells the story of an escape from a toxic friendship and leaves no space for apologies.

“Lyrically these should both be sad songs. But I was dancing round my bedroom making them, so I think you should be dancing around listening to them”.

Man way to hit me in the feels, am I right? However, both of these bops are so upbeat that I too find myself singing and dancing to them. Sometimes we need something to lift our spirits, so while these songs lyrically are sad they also serve as a light in the dark. Drop down below so you can listen to ‘Drive‘ then head over to your favorite music service and listen to ‘Sandy , as well as the rest of Son of Cabe’s music! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Sandy / Drive by Son of CabeSandy / Drive by Son of CabeSandy / Drive by Son of CabeSandy / Drive by Son of CabeSandy / Drive by Son of CabeSandy / Drive by Son of Cabe





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