Made Of Glass by True

Made Of Glass by True

Searching the internet for new music I came across the latest album by True titled, ‘Made Of Glass‘. The ten track Electro Pop album throws in some classic Eighties Electro Pop influences and blends it with modern R&B elements making for an album filled with bops. ‘Made Of Glass‘ is a well rounded and thought out album with great flow and replay! It’s catchy and will having you dancing and singing along with every note. Here’s what True had to say about their new album ‘Made Of Glass‘ (quoted from the ‘Made Of Glass‘ bandcamp page) :


Along the way, we both went through some extremely tragic episodes, which had a lasting impact on us as individuals. These experiences stripped away many of our deeply held illusions regarding life. Making this album was very much about recovering from grief and figuring out ways to break through the numbness that it causes. Hence ,it’s safe to say that  this record is a measure of our growth as people and artists.

We were forced to ask ourselves some pretty challenging questions, like: how do you let others in when you are damaged and feel extremely fragile? How much of yourself do you have to give to somebody when you commit to a relationship? What is personal liberation, like really? What does it mean to have a society where relationships are mediated by technology, where physicality is removed from the experience? How do you reconcile your obligations to your partner with being attracted to other people? Why do we feel so alone, at times, even if we are surrounded by people that truly care for us? This record was about finding ways to live a life and make art post loss. 

When I look at the cover of Wrapped in Air, which was our first record, we almost look like wax figures. We are so perfect, there’s not a single blemish there. I can honestly say that we are no longer like that, this facade had crumbled. Consequently, our music became more humanised.

A lot of great songs come from painful experiences. As a whole we tend to like things that we can relate to. I think our pain is something we don’t share with others, however, it’s something we can all relate to. Music can help easy that pain and help us to feel like we aren’t’ so alone. It’s never said but we are all thankful to musicians who give words to our pain and help us feel like someone understands.

You can listen to the song ‘Digital Love‘ down below and I highly recommend you go and listen to the rest of their songs. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Made Of Glass by TrueMade Of Glass by TrueMade Of Glass by TrueMade Of Glass by TrueMade Of Glass by TrueMade Of Glass by True






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