Free by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.Ndugu

Free by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.Ndugu

Earlier this month Thomas Hazey dropped a new collaboration album called ‘Free‘ with Ndugu.Ndugu. The songs are about overcoming life’s obstacles while having faith that things can get better. ‘Free‘ has a nice overall flow and atmosphere to it. From the start,  the intro ‘The Chosen Ones‘ sets us up for what’s to come and it’s worth every minute!

There’s a lot of wrestling with doubt, choices and expectations and Hazey breaks that down perfectly in a song we all should listen to called ‘Take Your Time‘. These struggles can cause undue pressures that weigh us down. When Hazey hits that lyric, “Damn I’m only 21 but I feel like I’m out of tine“, that’s real. Seriously, go listen to ‘Take Your Time‘, it’ll put a lot of things into perspective for you! While you’re at it listen to the rest of the album because you’re not gonna want to pass on some bops like ‘Emerald City‘ which will get you hyped or ‘Freedom‘.

Earlier this year we reviewed the Lost EP by Hazey and we let you know then that South African music was on the rise and Hazey was one to watch. Well, ain’t nothing changed but the date and if you’re not listening to Hazey then you better step up because you’re missing out on some amazing hip hop and Free‘ is the laltest in a long line of music you need to check out by Hazey. You can listen to the song, ‘Fire Fall Down‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Free by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.NduguFree by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.NduguFree by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.NduguFree by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.NduguFree by Thomas Hazey & Ndugu.Ndugu






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