Ibiza 98 by Neverman

Ibiza 98 by Neverman

I recently got to hear the newest song from Neverman called, ‘Ibiza 98‘, off their upcoming EP ‘It’s Not A Prison, It’s A Prism’. With soaring vocals and a chill vibe it’s is a whole mood! On the other hand the instrumental arrangement adds a nice contrast to the passionate and emotive vocals. As a result of their talent and hard work they’ve been creating a huge buzz in the UK. Here’s what Neverman had to say about ‘Ibiza 98‘ and their upcoming EP:

This song is aimed at people who need to lose something before they realise what they have…not once but repeatedly… like an addiction.

It’s about changing your perspective to gain drive and hope rather than suffer in sorrow – when you feel like you are imprisoned in life or whatever situation then just changing that prison into a prism means seeing many different paths out of the problem.

I always love to see musicians put that much thought into their creations. I’m certainly excited to hear their new EP. You can watch the video for ‘Ibiza 98‘ down below. The ‘It’s Not A Prison, It’s A Prism‘ EP is set to release on February 21st. Be sure to head over to your favorite music service and add Ibiza 98‘ to your playlists! As always, if you like whcat you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Ibiza 98 by NevermanIbiza 98 by NevermanIbiza 98 by NevermanIbiza 98 by NevermanIbiza 98 by NevermanIbiza 98 by Neverman






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