Ooh! by Crash Adams

Ooh! by Crash Adams

Crash Adams are back with another catchy pop bop for you to get hooked on and it’s called, ‘Ooh!‘. Go listen now, thank me later. ‘Ooh!‘ is an upbeat mid-tempo song that is catchy, will have you singing and dancing along and will certainly put a smile on your face! These two really know how to make a bop! Here’s what Crash Adams had to say about the song, ‘Ooh!‘:

With “Ooh! ” we worked hard creating a unique sound that belongs in the future, but is inspired by the past. We wanted to pay homage to icons that helped pave the way for the artists of my era, but we’re also pretty sarcastic so we put our own spin on it.

Our video basically represents the scene that we were seeing in our mind as we sat down writing it. A “walking down the street” kind of vibe with everybody having some fun listening to it. Our full EP will be out in 2020 and we even more songs than that finished. Hope you enjoy!

You can certainly hear those influences in ‘Ooh!‘. In case you missed it, go check out the review we did for their song, ‘Make It Last‘. If you love ‘Ooh!‘ then you’re going to love ‘Make It Last‘. You can watch the fun music video for ‘Ooh!‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Ooh! by Crash AdamsOoh! by Crash AdamsOoh! by Crash AdamsOoh! by Crash AdamsOoh! by Crash AdamsOoh! by Crash Adams






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