Medicine Line by Kat Hamilton

Medicine Line by Kat Hamilton

Recently Kat Hamilton released the inspirational song, ‘Medicine Line‘ which is about recovering from addiction and trauma. ‘Medicine Line‘ takes a painful experience and breathes hope and life into it. While the song stems from Hamilton’s own battle I have to say, it’s so beautifully written. It’s a wonderful message for anyone struggling with the disease of addiction. Here’s what Hamilton had to say ‘Medicine Line‘:

I had just gotten out of a recovery center and these songs became my way of coping.

Hamilton goes on to say:

The music was inspired by being knocked down and getting back up. Going to the darkest places in yourself and in life and managing to make it through. I went through hell and found a way to be okay, but I like to think that this work can resonate with people who aren’t in the recovery process. Anyone who’s ever struggled could relate to this music.

This is such a beautifully painful sentiment. I can certainly see how ‘Medicine Line‘ will resonate with everyone including those in similar circumstances. This is a song that will give hope to anyone in a dark place because life gives that burden to us all. I believe that is something we can all relate to. Our paths may be different and our mountains vary in size, however, struggle, pain, hopelessness and despair are universal. You can listen to ‘Medicine Line‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Medicine Line by Kat HamiltonMedicine Line by Kat HamiltonMedicine Line by Kat HamiltonMedicine Line by Kat HamiltonMedicine Line by Kat Hamilton






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