Misfit Paradise by Evelyn Cools

Misfit Paradise by Evelyn Cools

Last week Evelyn Cools released the single ‘Misfit Paradise‘ which is off the upcoming album of the same name which will be out August 14th. ‘Misfit Paradise‘ is about looking for that place where we feel free. A place to belong. The song brings forth this yearning that every wanderer knows. Throughout ‘Misfit Paradise‘ the music arrangement holds this balance between feeling alone and isolated and coming out of the fog. A sense of finding that misfit paradise. Cools’ emotive vocals not only envelop the lyrics but act as a light in the dark, calling out to the seekers looking for home. Here’s what Cools had to say about ‘Misfit Paradise‘:

As humans, we are always searching for other people who take us entirely for who we are. We look for people who challenge us, inspire us, elevate us, and make us feel like we are part of something beautiful – a tribe of people so different, but also exactly the same,” Cools says. “Living in New York was what I always wanted, to be in a city made for people of all walks of life. At the same time, my passion for music led me to a community that felt entirely free of judgment and valued human connection above all else. All ages, all races, all bodies, all different, all together. This song is written for the misfits, searching for a paradise to call our own.

It’s because of that sentiment that ‘Misfit Paradise‘ will appeal to a wide demographic. The song is exquisitely written and gets right to the heart of the listener. You can listen to ‘Misfit Paradise‘ down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Misfit Paradise by Evelyn CoolsMisfit Paradise by Evelyn CoolsMisfit Paradise by Evelyn CoolsMisfit Paradise by Evelyn CoolsMisfit Paradise by Evelyn CoolsMisfit Paradise by Evelyn Cools






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