The Drop – Aug 29th 2020

The Drop – Aug 29th 2020

There’s a lot of wonderful music out there and in order to get you as many amazing new songs we’re bringing back, ‘The Drop’, our Saturday quick pick playlist on Spotify which we used to do when we first started TMB. Here we go!


Evol Summer by Jehzan ExclusiveThis week Jehzan Exclusive dropped the album ‘Evol Summer‘. We’ve already heard a few of the songs that dropped off the album: ‘BARKADA‘, ‘Summer Fling‘, and ‘Dead & Gone‘. The whole ‘Evol Summer‘ album slaps so it was hard to choose but we put ‘HNL’ on this weeks SQP.



Wallflower by Laur Elle

Also this week we choose the bop ‘Wallflower‘ by Laur Elle. ‘Wallflower‘ has a beat that will get you moving and lyrics that will remind you that you don’t have to hold everything in. It’s a great summer pop song!



Matter of Time by Jess Kemp

Jess Kemp’sMatter of time‘ also caught our ears this week and we really wanted to share it with the rest of you! It’s a pop track with an beat that will get you on your feet not to mention the lyrics speak to the current state of life for many of us! You’re going to enjoy this one.



Sunrise by Eduardo

Eduardo’s laid back acoustic single ‘Sunrise‘ has a bit of that throwback sixties folk pop feel to it. It sounds like floating on a cloud should feel and yet when that lyric “waiting for the sunrise” hits you can’t help but feel like this song found its rightful place in this era. Are we all just waiting for the sunrise?


Fool by Tali ShearFool‘ by Tali Shear is a very vulnerable, raw and stripped down song about pain and heartbreak. ‘Fool‘ lays everything on the table with an intense and passionate vocal performance by Tali Shear.





Entropy by Shemhamforash

Hey Metal fans we haven’t forgotten about you! Shemhamforash’s album ‘Entropy‘ came out at the end of just and you’ll certainly want to check it out after you here this weeks pick ‘Light Abstinence‘.



The Great Indoors by Rocket Loves Blue

The Great Indoors‘ by Rocket Loves Blue is a song about heartbreak song. The kind that has you in full hermit mood. It’s soft yet gentle in its approach and touts the perks of staying inside. Weather you’re going through a heartbreak or simply not in the mood for socializing this song speaks to those seeking solitude.





Doppelgänger by Aythis

Off the ‘Doppelgänger’ album by Aythis we choose the hauntingly ethereal sounds of the song which is also called ‘Aythis‘. If you’re not familiar with Aythis I highly suggest you check it out. The ethereal vocals are heavenly while the gothic accompaniment really sets the overall tone.



Feel Right by Tuu Ra

Of course we have to add ‘Feel Right‘ by Tuu Ra the playlist wouldn’t be complete without it! Tuu Ra always brings the bops and hot collabs and ‘Feel Right‘ certainly upholds that standard we’ve come to know and love from Tuu Ra.



Cirque Noir by Cirque Noir

Last but not least is a wonderful group of SteamPunk misfits (who’ve unfortunately disbanded), Cirque Noir! Hey just because they are no longer together doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their chaotic, diabolical, often mysterious world of music! So the final song goes to ‘Pastiche‘ for it’s witty lyrics. While the whole album is a treat for the senses, making it hard to choose, ‘Pastiche‘ always gets me at the chorus “Come a little closer we’re composers from afar / Decomposing songs bizarre beneath the stars with Cirque Noir“. This California band could really put on a show like no other. Out of all the concerts I’ve been to none stand out more than theirs. So much so, I hardly missed a single one! The one I missed, oddly enough, was when they debuted ‘Pastiche‘. Look them up on YouTube. Here’s the official Music video for their hit ‘Big Top (The Cirque Noir Song)



That’s all for this week. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.






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