Johanna by Luca Wilding

Johanna by Luca Wilding

Luca Wilding newest single, ‘Johanna‘, is about the difficulties of a broken heart and having to let go. In its simplicity, ‘Johanna‘ details how complicated it is to let go. The contrast between the musical arrangement and the lyrics give the songs atmosphere a nice balance. Meanwhile, Wilding’s vocals give life to the lyrics, moving forth with the full force of an emotional heartbreak before retreating into its own solitude of loneliness. Here’s what Wilding had to say about ‘Johanna‘:

Johanna is a song about loss, says Luca. It tells the story of two people, one person reaching out towards the other and the other turning away. It’s about trying to do the right thing when you don’t know what the right thing is.

Wilding also had this to say:

I tried to use this collection of symbols to represent the confused feeling of falling for someone and how this is tied to all these little signs we learn over the course of our lives. Sometimes at the root of these signs is truth and sometimes there’s not and sometimes we never get to find out.

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Johanna by Luca WildingJohanna by Luca WildingJohanna by Luca WildingJohanna by Luca WildingJohanna by Luca Wilding






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