The Drop – November 7th 2020

The Drop – November 7th 2020

This week, The Drop (November 7th) slows it down a bit with some music that will make you reflect on love and life.

Level Up (feat. Caleb Tucker & JASXN) by Greg Hartley

Starting off this weeks playlist with, ‘Level Up‘ (feat. Caleb Tucker & JASXN) by Greg Hartley. ‘Level Up‘ is a banger. Lyrics will give you the motivation you need to push through all obstacles and conquer everything. Over a dark and moody trap beat, hard hitting vocals flow with precision and lyrical wit. ‘Level Up‘ is certainly a mood and will get your day started off with the right mentality. Go out and conquer the world with ‘Level Up‘ as your soundtrack!


Show Me That Love by J Kane

Next up is ‘Show Me That Love‘ by J Kane. It’s a fun trap banger that would be great for the clubs. Whisper like flow over a trap beat is certainly a recipe for success. 


Invisible Enemy by Georgia Black

Invisible Enemy‘ by Georgia Black brings the soulful sounds to this weeks playlist. Sensual and smoky vocals imagine a world where the superheroes are the ones who stay home in order to save lives. The concept came about after a conversation about how people feel the need to go to work even when they’re sick. However, right now the real heroes are the ones staying home. Very clever. I heard a lot of music about the current state of the world but none like this! I’m feeling it and I know you will as well!


Flow by Yves Paquet

Yves Paquet released another single and it’s called, ‘Flow‘! If you enjoyed the last single ‘25-28‘ then you’re going to enjoy ‘Flow‘! The song is an upbeat breakup bop with a smooth flow. ‘Flow‘ is all about learning to walk away from the things or in this case people in your life that aren’t good for you. This bop is one you’ll most certainly enjoy. Not to mention it’s a pretty catchy earworm!


Butterflies by Lizzie Hill

Butterflies‘ by Lizzie Hill is a song about falling in love. Vibrant piano melodies ring out as the gentle vocals sing of the emotions in those first moments of realizing your feelings for someone special. ‘Butterflies‘ is charming, genuinely heartfelt, and heartwarming. You’re sure to fall in love with ‘Butterflies‘!


Lockdown Lover by JXCKY

Lockdown Lover’ by JXCKY adds those silky smooth romantic vibes to this weeks playlist. I know a lot of people out there are feeling the same. Wishing you could see the one you love but aren’t able to due to Covid-19 restrictions. ‘Lockdown Lover’ is equally parts Jazz, R&B, and Pop. It’ll hit you right in the feels and have you singing along with those passionate vocals!


My Favourite Shops by Twisted Ankle

My Favourite Shops‘ by Twisted Ankle is a post punk song that takes aim at consumerism in a very witty and cheeky way! ‘My Favourite Shops‘ has a catchy guitar riff that pulls the listener in. The balance between that energized section of individualism and the slowed down sections of the numbing of the trend is brilliant! ‘My Favourite Shops‘ is a must have!


Medicated by subcult

Medicated‘ by subcult is an upbeat guitar driven bop which centers around self medicating. It’s ultra fast, energetic, and has anthemic lyrics that are sure to have you screaming them at the top of your lungs. If you thought the alt scene was dead you’re extremely wrong. subcult proves it’s alive and kicking down all the obstacles!


Lemme Know by Lydia Singer

Lemme Know‘ by Lydia Singer is a passionate song fueled by Singer’s emotive vocals which hit all the notes just right! ‘Lemme Know‘ is a bop, Y’all! Singer is undoubtedly a brilliant vocalist with an impressive range and is able to bring out the full range of emotions within the lyrics. Truly a gifted vocalist! 


Vanilla Skies by DeAnthony Yonko

Vanilla Skies‘ by DeAnthony Yonko is a somber song with a minimalistic atmosphere. With only piano  and vocals DeAnthony Yonko is able to capture heartache in a beautifully haunting way. You feel every bit of pain and sorrow that DeAnthony Yonko is expressing in the lyrics with an emotional vocal performance that contains both vulnerability and strength. ‘Vanilla Skies‘ is a song that is going to hit you hard and have you ugly crying. It’s also a song that you can’t live without.



That’s all for this week. You can listen to the Spotify playlist down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.



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