Nervous by So So Sun

Nervous by So So Sun

2020 brought about a lot of emotions, problems and challenges to everyday life and ‘Nervous‘ by So So Sun details the challenges of new love in the often chaotic year. The songs atmosphere is light yet filled with tension, drawing on synth textures to create that “nervous” feeling through sound. The vocals pull the listener into an intimate setting with near whisper-like vocals in the verses. ‘Nervous‘ is certain to be a song anyone will love!

Here’s what they had to say about ‘Nervous‘:


Written and recorded in the height of lockdown, new and past relationships felt like a different reality. Introspection based on past experiences, and next to no opportunity to make new, real connections. A time where we were all unavoidably exposed to our own feelings whilst being held in almost entirely digital reality. Those that really mattered came to the surface. Sharing intimate moments with others, different perspectives of love and how past relationships linger in the present. Regardless, we continue to move forward.


Such is life, an ever forward movement through both the and chaos. ‘Nervous‘ certainly shows how we persevere towards our desires and is echoed by everyone who set out last year to connect with another soul. You can watch the music video for ‘Nervous‘ down below. Afterwards make sure you hit up your favorite music service so you can discover more music by these artists! As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Nervous by So So SunNervous by So So SunNervous by So So SunNervous by So So SunNervous by So So Sun

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