Waste My Time by Oshua

Waste My Time by Oshua

Oshua recently released the single, ‘Waste My Time‘. The song is about those moments when we don’t really know what to do or have the motivation and so we fall down the rabbit hole of time wasting activities. The atmosphere is fairly laid back with a nice groove to vibe with. Meanwhile, the vocal flow is smooth yet the vocals hold a bit of tension, as a result, there is that balance of the instrumentation being relaxing( like you may feel while wasting time) and the vocals giving off the frustration of doing so when you really don’t want to be wasting time. ‘Waste My Time‘ definitely gets the mood right! Here’s what Oshua had to say about ‘Waste My Time‘:


The inspiration for “Waste My Time” came from mindlessly scrolling through my newsfeed – I felt like I was wasting time and I recognised that, but I also found myself not stopping. This is what inspired the hook “When I waste my time, wanna waste more time”.

The song gives some personal insight into what I think about/experience when I’m in my bedroom – I hope people can relate, some thoughts progress quickly and become overly happy or sad and some thoughts just wonder for no real reason, to me, this bedroom retrospective is also a form of “time-wasting” – someone might argue that daily reflections are a form of self-improvement and have positive benefits but I’d argue that when your reflections are consistently out of your control every single day and night it is the complete opposite of helpful – I find it hard to think my way out of negative reflection.


That’s certainly something people will relate with. We all have different life experiences therefore we all have our own ways to work through the negativity. There is simply no “one size fits all” approach to it. ‘Waste My Time‘ speaks to everyone. At some point in life we all do it. Maybe our brain needs to sift through all our thoughts, maybe we’re trying to figure out our next steps. Either way, life brings about these lulls. ‘Waste My Time‘ certainly will be a song you can all get behind. Perhaps you’re feeling it right now?


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Waste My Time by oshuaWaste My Time by oshuaWaste My Time by oshuaWaste My Time by oshua

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