TMB Weekly Music Wrap Week of May 13th

TMB Weekly Music Wrap  Week of

Welcome to TMB Weekly Music Wrap! Here’s where you can catch up on all the music from this week all in one place. Click the images to find out more and for links to their websites and music streaming pages. An now without further ado the music is below!


Present Future Dreams: Part I by Eliza and the Organix

Present Future Dreams: Part I by Eliza and the Organix is a 5 song EP with a lot of soul. It’s part rock, part jazz, part funk with bits and pieces of other influences blended together to create something new and refreshing. Somehow, Eliza and the Organix manages to do this and still be appealing without it seeming too experimental or off putting. It would seem that Eliza and the Organix has found their sound, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds as they continue to grow and evolve.



The Static and Hum by Elk Hound

The Static and Hum by Elk Hound is full of heart. Elk hound has got that laid back country folk vibe where you’ll want to just relax, tune out the world and drift away. Each song flows nicely to the next. You get a bit of rock guitar sound but only to set the tone for the lyrics and it never seems out of place.  It a great album to listen to in it’s entirety or pick out your favorites and add them to your play list. The Static and Hum will definitely be one of the staples in your collection so give it a listen!



Drinks Up by Angelo Fantrazzo

Drinks Up by Angelo Fantrazzo is the type of country rock album that’s fun. If you’re having a barbecue or a party you’ll want to have Drinks Up cranked all the way up.  You know what I’m talking about, heavy guitar, foot stomping, head nodding beats and a whole lot of feel good and leave your worries behind lyrics. It’s got those super catchy hooks that’ll have you singing with your air guitar too. Drinks Up is sure to lift your spirits and get the party started, so get the party started with links to all things Angelo Fantrazzo below!



Letters Never Read by Dori Freeman

Letters Never Read by Dori Freeman is a phenomenal sophomore release. Freeman spends part of the album rooted in pop country which elegantly showcases her songwriting and spends the other part of the album paying homage to traditional country which brilliantly elevates the true beauty of her voice.





Over Dead Man’s Things by Rotgut Whines

Over Dead Man’s Things by Rotgut Whines is rock and roll music with soul, officially dubbed Soul and Roll. Rotgut Whines is a two piece band consisting of Lead singer/guitarist Evan Manuel and drummer/backup vocalist Andrew Murphy. Their unique style will have you singing along and dancing. 





The Lost French Guy by Samuel Lussier

The Lost French Guy by Samuel Lussier is a charming little EP about love and love lost. The honesty and sincerity in Lussier’s voice breathes life into the lyrics making them come alive. It is that aspect that’ll have you hanging on every note as Lussier has a unique way of speaking to one’s heart and soul. With only 3 songs on the EP it’ll leave you wanting for more and we can’t wait until Lussier releases more music! You can find links to all things Samuel Lussier below.




To Be Seen And Heard by Miss Olithea

To Be Seen And Heard by Miss Olithea is a very powerful album. While everyone is in love with Childish Gambino’s This Is America  and Donald Glover’s Bamboozled styled video for it (it’s a movie look it up) there are artist out there that are delving deep and explaining the realities that reach below the surface and humanize instead of characterize the issues. Enter Miss Olithea.




Neverwonderland by Bards of Copper

Neverwonderland by Bards of Copper is an alt-folk Celtic EP that has a diverse range of sound. With songs ranging from lighthearted and playful to a bit heavy there is something for everyone to love. You can’t help but to enjoy these beautifully crafted songs and their stories when Bards of Copper harmonize and that can be heard all throughout their music, like the chorus in White Rose where the harmony itself mirrors the lyrics.





CAST A SPELL by JUICY is a unified album of R&B, Hip-hop, and Jazz. Each track is vastly different from then next on this 5 song EP while still holding the same sound profile which unifies the album. It’s the constant bridging of two extremes that makes this album great.  Be it lyrically or tonally, you’ll go from Hip-hop to Jazz, from sexuality to beauty standards, from animated to real life videos




The Defender by Mica Millar

The Defender by Mica Millar is quite the powerful song that goes along with the digital campaign that release in April. #Thedefendercampaign was created by the talented Millar to explore the nature of human empathy. So far, Mica Millar has released a couple of short documentaries. Each one, clocking in about about 4 minutes each, tell the stories of two different women. One who is in need of empathy in her situation and the another who shows empathy by intervening. Well, simplistically speaking anyway.




Mantras of the Soul by Kemi Browne

Mantras of the Soul by Kemi Browne is a strong debut EP showing by a very talented artist. In the span of four songs Kemi Browne takes you through an emotional journey from letting go to finding your strength. With this being the central theme, each song is connected to the others as the listener goes on the journey of releasing what no longer serves them to growing in their strength and this is intentional.

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