Threads Unbind by Whispers in the Maze

Threads Unbind by Whispers in the Maze

Whispers in the Maze recently released their four track debut EP titled, ‘Threads Unbind‘ and this hard hitting, melodic death metal EP blends precision drums with progressive and melodic riffs to form a hellscape for all that you dread. The songs traverse themes such as death, despair, and revolution, among others. The EP starts off with the song ‘I Can Show You Everything‘, and it’s the catalyst to the revolt. It’s the war cry!

Make no mistake, Whispers in the Maze isn’t holding back. ‘I Can Show You Everything‘ does just that, it shows you everything. They sing of the masses suffering at the hands of those in power, people turning a blind eye to the many atrocities throughout the world, as well as the destruction of the world. The band started off fast, hard, and shoving brutal reality right in your face. I’ve got to say the did a splendid job.

Next up is ‘Bleeding Pain‘, which is interesting because it seems to be an internal struggle, possibly about being a refugee and having seen a massacre. The lyrics speak of seeing the faces of those who didn’t make it through the gate, those who sacrificed so that others could make it and having to cope with those memories. For its lyrical content it is tactfully written when you consider the current worldview on the subject and all the lives negatively impacted by governing policies. ‘Rewoven’ continues down this path of unraveling while trying to constantly rebuild what is constantly being torn down.

Last but not least is the existential crisis that is, ‘Climbing the Abyss’. It’s the perfect note for us to end. After hearing the other three songs you are left with a heavy feeling. I have to say ‘Threads Unbind‘ is an extremely intelligent EP. It’s a diatribe on the current state of the world and it’s worth picking up! You can listen to the song, ‘I Can Show You Everything‘, down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Threads Unbind by Whispers in the MazeThreads Unbind by Whispers in the MazeThreads Unbind by Whispers in the MazeThreads Unbind by Whispers in the MazeThreads Unbind by Whispers in the Maze





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