Trust by Ursae

Trust by Ursae

Trust‘ is the latest song by Ursae and it’s a bop. Thematically it’s about having to build yourself back up all while trying to figure out who this new version of you is going to be. Let me tell you, you’re going to love it! We all go through this. Finding yourself is hard, however, having to do it again after falling apart is usually tougher. ‘Trust‘ brings out those feeling well through the storytelling. Here’s what Ursae had to say about the single ‘Trust‘:

I was feeling kind of lost and anxious – I’d recently finished school, Trump had just taken office, I was going through a sort of weird breakup. A lot of shit was changing and I had to figure out who I was gonna be and how I was gonna handle it. I was in a weird place at the time and I wanted to make sense of it by writing music that felt really bold and confident, and just be like, ‘fuck everything you’ve heard, this is me now.

I’ve exchanged the experimental avant-pop of my previous music for a brand of storytelling that is much more focused, with my singing front-and-center instead of hidden in the back.

I’m feeling it. It’s something that everyone can relate to and thus brings us closer. ‘Trust‘ is available now so go grab it! You can listen to ‘Trust‘ down below. As always, if you like what you hear then let’s keep good music coming by supporting these artists. Remember to follow the artist and spread the word! Artists Links below.

Trust by UrsaeTrust by UrsaeTrust by UrsaeTrust by UrsaeTrust by UrsaeTrust by Ursae






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