Slasher Musik EP by Ambush Vin

Slasher Musik by Ambush Vin

Slasher Musik‘ EP by Ambush Vin dropped right on time for Halloween and it’s the soundtrack of the day, so you’re going to want to drop what your doing and grab it STAT! While you’re going to want to grab the EP you should know the full story is unveiled alongside a comic and an E-Book. Here’s a statement from Ambush Vin about ‘Slasher Musik‘:

What happens when Ambush Vin has to face-off with the greatest Horror icons of our time?

Slasher Musik!

Slasher Musik is an epic Sci-Fi Music story that includes this EP, a 10-page comic and an E-Book. I am challenged by my mentor, Spatium, to become Death. Unfortunately, the only way I can do that is by defeating the Grim Reaper…

But, in order to even get to that point, I must first face some of the Reaper’s most dangerous soldiers, including: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Chucky, & More!

Psst…no problem, right? Think again…

Now, long time fans of Ambush Vin know that he’s known for giving the audience a full on experience and with the comic and E-Book, the ‘Slasher Musik‘ EP doesn’t disappoint! Over the course of five songs you hear this harrowing journey to become Death unfold. You can hear the start of this epic journey unfold by dropping down below and listening to the title track ‘Slasher Musik‘ then go grab it. Matter of fact just go grab ‘Slasher Musik‘ available everywhere now! Another saga from the pioneer of Sci-Fi Music is upon us and as with every release we’ve heard, it just keeps getting better.


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Slasher Musik by Ambush VinSlasher Musik by Ambush VinSlasher Musik by Ambush VinSlasher Musik by Ambush VinSlasher Musik by Ambush VinSlasher Musik by Ambush Vin






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